Newsletter 12th May 2019

Welcome to St Mary’s

New to the Parish Church?

New to Godmanchester, or a visitor to the town, and you would like to know more about the St Mary’s community? Please collect a ‘Welcome’ flyer from the table by the entrance door at the church. Do makeyourself known to the Vicar, one of theChurchwardens.

Christian Aid

Christian Aid week begins today Sunday 12 May. As we did last year we shall be holding a ‘Songs of Praise Service’ for Christian Aid at 6.30pm this evening instead of the usual Sung Evensong. It was a most enjoyable service last year so we are hoping that many of you will come. There will be refreshments after the service.

I also would like to extend very many thanks to those people who have offered to do street collections this year. Thank you.

Jean Morgan

Revd George Thomas

You will be saddened to hear that the Revd George Thomas has died. During the interregnum following Neil Follet’s departure George was a familiar face, and a great friend, to us all for many weeks. A former headteacher at St Peter’s School, he lived in Bluntisham and will be greatly missed by his friends and family. His funeral will take place at Holywell Church on Thursday 9th May at 2.00pm with a reception afterwards at The White Hart in Godmanchester.


The Hunts Phil choir with a small chamber orchestra and organ will be singing a selection of Mozart’s well-known choral music including ‘Ave verum Corpus’ and his ‘Coronation Mass’ in our church on Saturday 18 May at 7.30pm. Tickets are available on line from or from Colin Thirlwall 457018.

Wives Group

Our May meeting will be on Tuesday 14th May at 7.30pm. This will take place at a members home. Please ring me for more details if you would like to come. Our Bring and Buy theme -books. Olwyn Hurd (458700 ).

Mischievous Brothers

Two little boys, ages 8 and 10, are excessively mischievous. They are always getting into trouble and their parents know all about it. If any mischief occurs in their town, the two boys are probably involved.
The boys’ mother heard that a clergyman in town had been successful in disciplining children, so she asked if he would speak with her boys. The clergyman agreed, but he asked to see them individually. So the mother sent the 8 year old first, in the morning, with the older boy to see the clergyman in the afternoon. The clergyman, a huge man with a booming voice, sat the younger boy down and asked him sternly, “Do you know where God is, son?” The boy’s mouth dropped open, but he made no response, sitting there wide-eyed with his mouth hanging open. So the clergyman repeated the question in an even sterner tone, “Where is God?!” Again, the boy made no attempt to answer. The preacher raised his voice even more and shook his finger in the boy’s face and bellowed, “Where is God?!” The boy screamed and bolted from the room, ran directly home and dove into his closet, slamming the door behind him. When his older brother found him in the closet, he asked, “what happened?” The younger brother, gasping for breath, replied, “We are in BIG trouble this time dude. GOD is missing, and they think we did it!

God’s Invisible Breath

The man whispered, “God, speak to me.”
And a meadowlark sang.
But the man did not hear.

So the man yelled, “God, speak to me!”
And the thunder rolled across the sky.
But the man did not listen.

The man looked around and said, “God, let me see you.”
And a star shone brightly.
But the man did not notice.

And the man shouted, “God, show me a miracle!”
And a life was born.
But the man did not know.

So, the man cried out in despair.
“Touch me God, and let me know that you are here!”
Whereupon God reached down and touched the man.
But the man brushed the butterfly away and walked on.

MORAL: Don’t miss out on a blessing because it isn’t packaged the way you expect.

Newsletter compiler during May and June is Dai Morgan

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