All Souls and Remembrance Services on 1st and 8th November

We will hold our All Souls Commemoration of the on Sunday November 1st. However, we are not able to have our usual evening service, as the numbers would not allow proper distancing. Instead, very much second best, the church will be open all day as usual. The names of the departed will be prominently displayed, and you are invited to come in at any time from 10.30 am to 7.00 pm to light a candle, reflect, pray, or be still. Someone will be on hand for you to talk to or to pray with you if needed. A couple of points:

  • As usual, I have written to the families of all those whose funerals have been conducted by the church in the past three years. These names will be included automatically in the list of the departed. Any other names you might wish to be included can be sent to me, by post, e-mail or phone, or written on the sheet by the south door in church. Please get names to me by Monday Oct. 26th so that the list can be compiled in time.
  • Please consider if you could be one of those listening/praying people, for an hour, or more, or less, on the 1st. No special skills are needed, just a willingness to, well, listen and pray! Please get in touch as soon as you can.

Remembrance Sunday this year is November 8th. This too will not be as usual. The Town Remembrance Service at 10.55 am will involve only the Mayor, Canon Jonathan Young, and a handful of other invited people. The general public is asked NOT to come to the War Memorial in the morning. It may be possible to live stream the ceremony, and if so this will be advertised.
There will be an Evening Remembrance Service in church as usual at 6.30 pm. However, very sadly, this will be by invitation only. Because the morning event is so limited, a wider group of local organisations are being invited to send representatives in the evening, leaving little space for regular members of the congregation. When I know more precisely how many people have taken up the invitation to attend, I may be able to offer any remaining spaces to the congregation on a first-come-first-served booking basis.

With love,