Newsletter 13th August 2023

Jazz on the “Island” Saturday 5th August

Because of the appalling weather – very wet and very cold – a decision was taken to move the event to the Church. Despite this a very successful and enjoyable evening of Jazz was had and – yes, dancing and dining in the aisles. The evening generated £2,200 of sales. Many thanks for all who came and all those who helped make the evening such a success. Adrian Sington

Children’s Church’s Sponsored Move 2023

in aid of the Bucence Children’s Centre, Uganda

To raise money for the Bucence Children’s Centre in Uganda, Children’s Church have set themselves a target to move the distance of 9909km (representing the distance between Godmanchester and the centre) before the end of 2023.

We aim to do this by moving in any way we can: walking, running, swimming, cycling, dancing, hopping, skipping, canoeing . . .the list could go on!

A suggested sponsor is of 1p per 10km (coming to a total of £9.91), however you are more than welcome to sponsor any amount you wish.

Could you help us reach our target? If you’d like to ‘move’ and contribute some km’s to our goal then that would be AMAZING!

To either sponsor us or to get a record form to help you keep track of your km’s please contact Paula on paulawilliams30 or nab her next time you see her in church! St Mary’s Children’s Church

Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust

Bishop Stephen has emphasised the annual “Ride and Stride” event on 9th September 2023 and its importance as the principal source of income to the Trust.

Since 1983 CHCT has raised and distributed over £2 million in loans and over £500,000 in grants, including to our own church.

Each year St Mary’s has been represented by an ever-reducing band of cyclists who have done our best to raise sponsorship. However, I report two issues of concern:

i. The age of the participants is increasing, and young (under 60?) blood is desperately needed, and

ii. With the plans for the transformation scheme’s success predicated upon our raising very significant sums of money, it is bodies like the CHCT to whom we will be looking for funding.

It is also worth noting that 50% of all money raised in sponsorship by each church through the ride and stride, including gift aid comes back to the church.

The CHCT acknowledges that with support from an aging demographic, sponsored riding and striding is not the best way many of us can raise money. Last year, the chairman of the Ride and Stride sub-committee, Canon Pritchard was sponsored to play the organ in his parish church. Many other ideas have been suggested.

Can you or a group with which you are involved think of an activity to attract sponsorship and raise money for the trust? Would you like to participate in the traditional riding or striding or could you think of some other activity which would raise much needed funds? If you feel unable to seek sponsorship, perhaps you could volunteer to support the team which keeps the church or church hall open on 9th September to provide drinks, nibbles etc to weary riders and striders.

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to volunteer yourself of members of your group, please contact me at a.leighsmith.

If you want to know more about the trust or “Ride and Stride” please visit You might even be interested to see what benefits there are to membership of CHCT. Nicholas Leigh Smith

Newsletter Compiler

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