Newsletter 19th January 2020

Welcome to St Mary’s

New to the Parish Church?

New to Godmanchester, or a visitor to the town, and you would like to know more about the St Mary’s community? Please collect a ‘Welcome’ flyer from the table by the entrance door. Do make yourself known to the Vicar, a Churchwarden or sidesperson and please join us in the church hall for refreshments after the 9.30am service today.

Parish Giving

Several members of our congregation have now joined the new ‘Parish Giving’ scheme which allows contributions to be collected by direct debit through a central C of E organisation and they are then credited as a block payment to our church together with the relevant Gift Aid. The scheme givers donors the option of increasing their payment annually with inflation should they so wish. I now have a further supply of the forms and guidance leaflet so if anyone wishes to change to the new scheme please contact me.

A common comment on the scheme is that people are embarrassed to pass on a collection plate without putting something in it. The Parish Giving organisation has therefore produced a token that can be collected from the back of the church before a service and placed in the collection plate to signify that the donor is using the Parish Giving scheme.

The other option is to use an empty regular donation envelope as I have plenty of spares and then write on the back ‘DD’ or ‘SO’ as appropriate.

Please contact me if you wish to join the Parish Giving scheme or have any questions about giving.

Colin Thirlwall Hon Treasurer

Events Stewards Needed

We are looking for people who will be willing to help set up, steward, and tidy up for events such as concerts booked by outside organisations such as choral societies or orchestras. At the moment much of the work falls on the same few people each time. This would only be a few times a year – the bigger the pool of people we can call on, the fewer times you will be required! Please spread the word outside the church too – all help gratefully received. Please let me know if you or anyone you know are willing to help. David (436400

Used Postage Stamps

The Hunts Society for the Blind would much appreciate receiving your used postage stamps. If you are not already collecting them for another charity, please pass any that you may have to Valerie Dyson, or Liz and Peter Irving.

Ladies’ Breakfast

The next Ladies’ breakfast will be held at the Barley Mow on Saturday 1st February at 8.30 am. The speaker is Sheena Glanville RN and she will speak about Parish Nursing Ministries in the UK. Bookings through Helen Dowzall – 01480 455115 preferably by Tuesday 28th January.

Plough Monday and the Curfew

Plough Monday (the first Monday after Epiphany) was last Monday (13th January). It was the day on which people returned to working on the land following the Christmas celebrations and for this reason it was also the day on which the ringing of the curfew bell was re-started after the Christmas break. We no longer ring the curfew every night, but we try and keep the tradition alive by ringing it occasionally throughout the seasons when it would have been rung in the past. We shall therefore attempt to ring the curfew on Thursdays from now on until the end of the curfew season on Lady Day.

‘Getting to Know You’ events

In a fairly large church like ours, with new people regularly joining us, not everyone knows everyone else. We will be holding a series of ‘Getting to Know You’ social events at the Vicarage, so that we can make new friends and acquaintances within the congregation. There will be an evening wine and cheese get-together on Friday 7th February at 7.00 pm, and a mid-morning coffee, cake and biscuit gathering on Wednesday 12th February at 10.30 am, both at the Vicarage. Anyone reading this or hearing about it is welcome. There is a list on the table by the south door of the church – please put your name down if you would like to come. Numbers are limited to thirty at each event, on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. We will repeat this later on in the year, so don’t worry if you miss out this time.

David 436400

Bacon Butties

The Charities Committee will be holding Future Bacon Buttie Sundays on the 8th March and 10th May. Please come and support us and have a delicious bap.

For Sale

St Mary’s Choir are selling their piano that resides in the church hall as we now have an excellent piano in church and a keyboard for rehearsals. The piano case is showing its age but it is a perfectly good piano and certainly suitable for someone starting to play. It is available for viewing in the church hall and offers around £50 would be acceptable.

Contact Colin Thirlwall 457018.

Newsletter Compiler

Jean Morgan will is the Newsletter compiler during January & February. Contributions please by 8pmonThursday to: 417502 or morgan_01339