Newsletter 21st August

Coffee Morning at the Vicarage

There will be a Coffee Morning at the Vicarage this Tuesday 23rd August, from 10am to noon. All are welcome. This is the first of what we hope will be regular coffee mornings, in different houses, to raise funds for our monthly Friday evening event, which we are re-branding ‘Grub, Games & God’! Offers to host from September onwards would be welcome, as would cakes and bakes and raffle prizes on the day. Please come!

Ride & Stride 2022

The annual “Ride and Stride” day for the Diocese is on Saturday 10thSeptember. Over about a quarter of a century we have managed to put together a team to welcome riders and striders to St Mary’s and to send someone out to visit others. I confess it has become more of a struggle to find a team which can get sponsorship to walk or cycle round the county’s churches, especially after losing momentum following the Covid lock-down!

Sponsored Riders – I hope that some families or bands of friends might wish to set up as teams to raise money for their church, get fit and see our beautiful countryside and historic churches. Half of all sponsorship money is returned to our parish church. If anyone would like to ride and can get some sponsorship, call me on 433467 in the evening or e-mail me on

Reception Committee for the day – I am also looking for a team of parishioners which can welcome our visitors from all over the County. We need to cover the Church from about 9.45am to about 2.30pm. Please report to me as quickly as possible so I can get everyone talking to each other about how best to cover the day. At our last PCC meeting Jean Morgan said she was happy to co-ordinate, so volunteers, send me your names and I will forward them to her.

Any information and all the paperwork you need can be downloaded by going to Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust Web Site ( and reading the notes and clicking on the documents. If you do not have access to the World-Wide Web, tell me and I will print off a bundle for you. Let’s see if we can get out a few more riders than we have managed in the past few years.

Nicholas Leigh-Smith

Community Sponsorship Team – Event on Friday 30th September

The Community Sponsorship Team are bringing a refugee family to Godmanchester. The team is holding a theatre evening entitled ‘If Prison Walls Could Talk’ at 7:30pm in Godmanchester Baptist Church on Friday 30thSeptember. Tickets are available from the Baptist Church office on 01480 458565 or email artless .

The team are expecting a second refugee family to arrive in Godmanchester in late September or October and need to raise £30,000 in order for this to happen by furnishing and equipping their home. Please support this very worthwhile cause! Angela Wright


Sunday 21st August

08:00​Holy Communion

08:00​Holy Communion (St Mary Magdalene, Hilton)

09:30​Sung Eucharist

18:30​Evening Prayer

Monday 22nd August

18:30​Compline [Monday – Saturday inclusive at same time] (Zoom)

Tuesday 23rd August

10:00​Coffee Morning (Vicarage)

10:30​Tuesday Treat (Baptist Church)

Wednesday 24th August

09:45​Holy Communion (McCartney House)

14:30​Joint Holy Communion (Zoom)

19:30​Bell Ringing Practice

Thursday 25th August

09:45​Holy Communion

Friday 26th August

10:00​Bible Study (Zoom)

Saturday 27th August

Sunday 28th August

08:00​Holy Communion

09:30​Sung Eucharist

18:00​United Festal Evensong (St Mary Magdalene, Hilton)