Newsletter 22nd December 2019

Welcome to St Mary’s

New to the Parish Church?

New to Godmanchester, or a visitor to the town, and you would like to know more about the St Mary’s community? Please collect a ‘Welcome’ flyer from the table by the entrance door. Do make yourself known to the Vicar, a Churchwarden orsidesperson and please join us in the church hall for refreshments after the 9.30am service today.

Men’s Breakfast

The first Churches Together Men’s Breakfast of the New Year will be at The Barley Mow, Hartford on Saturday 4th January beginning at the usual time of 8am. The speaker is Paul Hamilton and his subject: ‘Unlikely Heroes’. All men are very welcome; the charge for the breakfast will be £8. If you are going please let Andrew Fawcett know as soon as possible (andrew.fawcett).

Used Postage Stamps

The Hunts Society for the Blind would very much appreciate receiving your used postage stamps. If you are not already collecting them for another charity, please pass any that you may have to Valerie Dyson, or Liz and Peter Irving.

Parish Giving

Several members of our congregation have now joined the new ‘Parish Giving’ scheme which allows contributions to be collected by direct debit through a central C of E organisation and they are then credited as a block payment to our church together with the relevant Gift Aid. The scheme givers donors the option of increasing their payment annually with inflation should they so wish. I now have a further supply of the forms and guidance leaflet so if anyone wishes to change to the new scheme please contact me.

A common comment on the scheme is that people are embarrassed to pass on a collection plate without putting something in it. The Parish Giving organisation has therefore produced a token that can be collected from the back of the church before a service and placed in the collection plate to signify that the donor is using the Parish Giving scheme.

The other option is to use an empty regular donation envelope as I have plenty of spares and then write on the back ‘DD’ or ‘SO’ as appropriate.

Please contact me if you wish to join the Parish Giving scheme or have any questions about giving.

Colin Thirlwall Hon Treasurer

This cartoon by Dave Walker originally appeared in the Church Times.

Newsletter Compiler

Jim Heeley is the Newsletter compiler during December. Contributions please by 8pm on Thursday to: jskc or 412264.

Tuesday 24th December – Christmas Eve

Nativity Service​Separate order of service

Service of Nine​Separate order of service

Lessons & Carols​

Quiet Christmas Separate order of service

Midnight Mass​President & Preacher: David Busk​Deacon: Jean Morgan

Reading​Isaiah 52.7-10 (OT p709)

Gospel​John 1.1-14 (NT p98)

Hymns​26, 29, 32, 30 (vs 1,2,5,6,7)​​Please omit * verses

Communion​35, 21, 40, 280


Eternal God,
in the stillness of this night you sent your almighty Word
to pierce the world’s darkness with the light of salvation:
give to the earth the peace that we long for
and fill our hearts with the joy of heaven
through our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Wednesday 25th December – Christmas Day

Holy Communion​Minister: David Busk

Readings​Isaiah 9.2-7 (OT p664)

​Luke 2.1-20 (NT p62)

Sung Eucharist​President & Preacher: David Busk​Deacon: Jean Morgan

Readings​Isaiah 9.2-7 (OT p664)

​Titus 2.11-14 (NT p230)

Gospel​Luke 2.1-20 (NT p62)

Intercessions​Jean Morgan

Hymns​30 (vs 1,2,5,6,7), 24, 42, 26​Please omit * verses

Communion​ 22, 32


Lord Jesus Christ,
your birth at Bethlehem
draws us to kneel in wonder at heaven touching earth:
accept our heartfelt praise
as we worship you,
our Saviour and our eternal God.