Newsletter 25th September 2022

The Friends AGM – Sunday 25th September

The Friends AGM will be held today, Sunday 25th September, at 11am in the church hall. All are welcome.

Harvest Donations

This year our Harvest donations will be going to the local Food Bank. Their need is very great at the moment so please be as generous as you are prayerfully able.

Community Sponsorship Team – Event on Friday 30th September

The Community Sponsorship Team are bringing a refugee family to Godmanchester. The team is holding a theatre evening entitled ‘If Prison Walls Could Talk’ at 7:30pm in Godmanchester Baptist Church this Friday 30th September. Tickets are available from the Baptist Church office on 01480 458565 or email artless .

The team are expecting a second refugee family to arrive in Godmanchester in late September or October and need to raise £30,000 in order for this to happen by furnishing and equipping their home. Please support this very worthwhile cause! Angela Wright

Film Night & Gorgeous Dinner

The Friends are showing the award-winning hit film ‘Operation Mincemeat’ on Saturday 22nd October at 7pm in St Mary’s Church Hall, Godmanchester. We will be serving homemade ‘Chicken Superbe à la Godmanchester’ and a Trifle included within the ticket price of £15 and there will be a licensed bar and raffle. Tickets available from Kate 01480 454154 or adrian

Newsletter Compiler

Please send any contributions that you may have to Jim Heeley by 8pm on the Thursday by email jskc or call 01480 412264.


Sunday 25th September

08:00 Holy Communion

09:30 Sung Eucharist

11:00 Friends AGM (Church Hall)

11:15 Coffee, Cake & Church (Village Hall, Hilton)

18:30 Evensong

Monday 26th September

18:30 Compline [Monday – Saturday inclusive at same time] (Zoom)

Tuesday 27th September

09:45 GMC Primary School Class Visit

10:30 Tuesday Treat (Baptist Church)

19:00 Town Council Meeting (Town Hall)

Wednesday 28th September

09:45 Holy Communion (McCartney House)

14:30 Joint Holy Communion (Zoom)

Thursday 29th September

09:45 Holy Communion

Friday 30th September

10:00 Bible Study (Zoom)

19:30 Choir Practice (Church Hall)

19:30 Community Sponsorship Team Theatre Evening (Baptist Church)

Saturday 1st October

14:30 Peal in Memoriam Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Sunday 2nd October – Harvest and Gift Day

08:00 Holy Communion

08:00 BCP Holy Communion (St Mary Magdalene, Hilton)

09:30 Sung Eucharist with Healing

18:30 Evening Prayer