Newsletter 26th February 2023

Holy Communion: All are welcome at the altar rail. If you are a communicant member of your own Church, you are welcome to receive the Sacrament here; or if you would like to receive a blessing, please come forward with a hymn book and bow your head.

Evensong 26th February

Our monthly Evensong, with choir, hymns, an anthem, sung canticles and responses, and a sermon, takes place today at 6.30 pm. It would be good to see the chancel full of people!

Grub, Games and God

Attention those coming to our next “Grub, Games and God” meeting on Friday 3rd March at 5.15 pm. We will be celebrating the Jewish festival called “Purim Holi”, when we observe Good over Evil.

We are all in party mood for this, and if you wish to wear a fancy dress of your choice it will help to get us all in the swing. Lucilia is very kindly going to make us some Jewish food. Do come and make some fun together. Gill

Lent Prayer & Study Group

The Lent prayer and study group continues in the Vicarage at 10am on six Fridays in Lent, the second is this Friday 3rd March. We are using reflections from a booklet called ‘Dust and Glory’, which looks at faith, failure and forgiveness. The booklet is provided. All are welcome – do please consider coming. There is no need to book in advance, and no need to commit to all six sessions. Refreshments provided.

Ely Cathedral Free Passes

To anyone interested in having a free pass to Ely Cathedral, please apply to have one. Now, instead of 3 Years validity, the passes are for life.

Please note that certain requirements are now in place. The application has to be made in person at Ely Cathedral; the applicant must live within the Diocese and be on the Electoral Roll. When taking the application to Ely, please, also have any house bill with your name(s) and address + some sort of Identification. If you are a couple, please make sure the bill has both names.

Copies of the application can be supplied on request. Please approach me at the church or contact me on 07786234571 and I will drop one at your door. Lucilia

Syria/Turkey Earthquake Appeal

Thanks to all who contributed to the recent Earthquake Appeal. A total of £300 was raised and has been sent to the Disasters Emergency Committee. Robert Francis

Sale of Pews

The small pews from the North Aisle of the church have all been sold, but we have a few from the South Aisle, slightly longer at 6ft 3in. They are made of oak and come with cushions. We sold two at one auction for £75 each, and two at another auction for £95 each, so the suggested donation to the Transformation Fund of £75 is fair.

Delivery can be arranged. If you are interested please contact me on 01480 393 392, otherwise we’ll send them to the auction. Robert Francis

Donation to Thrive

The Coffee & Croissants in January and the Bacon Butties last Sunday raised a total of £185, which has been sent to Thrive, the youth support charity which operates in the Huntingdon area. Thanks to all who contributed to this impressive total. Charities Committee

Warm Spaces in the Godmanchester Area

Day Time Location Tel. no Cost
1 Mon, Tue, Fri 09:30 – 17:00 Huntingdon Library 0345 045 5225 Free
Thursday 09:30 – 13:30
Saturday 10:00 – 16:00
2 Monday 10:00 – 15:30 Godmanchester Plant Nursery

(This space will close end of Feb)

388870 Free
3 Wed, Sat 11:00 – 13:30 All Saints Church, Huntingdon 07458 300614 Donation
4 Thursday 10:00 – 14:00 Godmanchester Baptist Church 458565 Free
5 Thursday 14:30 – 17:00 Huntingdon Community Church 411665 Free
6 Friday 12:00 – 17:30 Huntingdon Methodist Church 07541 365791 Free

Most locations provide hot drinks and refreshments, or facilities for making them yourself, plus Wi-Fi, board games, baby-changing facilities loos, etc. For further details phone individual Warm Spaces


Sunday 26th February – Lent 1

08:00​Holy Communion

09:30​Sung Eucharist

11:15​Coffee, Cake & Church (Village Hall, Hilton)


Monday 27th February

18:30​Evening Prayer [Monday – Saturday inclusive at same time] (Zoom)

Tuesday 28th February

10:30​Tuesday Treat (Baptist Church)

Wednesday 1st March

11:00​Holy Communion (The Chestnuts)

14:30​Joint Holy Communion (Zoom)

Thursday 2nd March

09:45​Holy Communion

Friday 3rd March

10:00​Lent Prayer & Study Group (Vicarage)

17:15​Grub, Games and God

19:30​Choir Practice (Church Hall)

Saturday 4th March

08:00​Men’s Breakfast (Trinity Free Church, Huntingdon)

Sunday 5th March – Lent 2

08:00​Holy Communion

08:00​BCP Holy Communion (St Mary Magdalene, Hilton)

09:30​Sung Eucharist with Healing

18:30​Evening Prayer