Re-opening of St Mary’s Church on June 17th

Re-opening of St Mary’s Church on June 17th 2020

You may have heard that the government has permitted the re-opening of places of worship, for private prayer and visits only. We still have no word on when public worship might resume. Initially, the date from which re-opening was permitted was given as Monday June 15th. This was then revised to today, the 13th. In order to give ourselves time to prepare properly, the Standing Committee of the PCC has decided we will re-open onWednesday June 17th. The opening times will be as before, i.e. daily, from approx. 9.00 am to approx. 6.00 pm. The opening and closing times are very approximate, depending on the schedules of those very kindly doing the unlocking and locking up. Please note the following points, which follow the guidance from the Church of England, and which will also be posted at the entrance to the church:

  • Please note that while the church has recently been cleaned as thoroughly as possible (thank you, everyone involved), and will be kept clean in the usual way by the same wonderful team of cleaners (new recruits always welcome – contact Jean Morgan or me), it will not be possible to do an anti-viral deep clean of the whole church after every service. I don’t like to put it like this, but for want of a better expression, we all enter the church at our own risk.
  • Please leave your name and a contact number (preferably a mobile number) on the form provided and place in the box. This is for contact tracing in the event of a visitor contracting Covid-19. The information provided will not be used in any other way and will be destroyed after a suitable interval.
  • Keep social distancing inside the church, being especially careful when entering or leaving.
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided, and avoid touching surfaces and objects as much as possible.
  • Please do not enter the taped-off areas of the church. This will include all the pews, as it is impossible to clean them constantly. Seating will be provided in the nave.
  • It would be greatly appreciated if you would kindly wipe down your seat after use with the materials provided and place them in the bin.

(Note: the seats will also be cleaned at the end of each day.)

I am very grateful indeed to all those who have agreed to continue on the rota of opening and closing the church, especially as they have undertaken to do more than this task usually entails and to help in keeping the seating clean. Thank you!

Let us continue to pray for the day when we can meet freely, and for an end to the suffering this virus has caused.